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[04 Sep 2008|10:38pm]

Today marks the two year anniversary of Steve's passing :'(
It still feels like just yesterday. RIP, mate.
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[21 May 2008|09:23am]

 I found a copy of Steve's last documentary Oceans Deadliest at the library.  I had not seen it yet (I don't have cable).  So I took it home and watched it.  The moment Steve appeared on the screen I started to cry.  His death was a while ago, but it still hurts like it just happened.  It stll breaks my heart that he is gone and that the animals of the world lost such a wonderful friend.
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New [18 Feb 2008|09:02pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello. My name's Robin, and I'm new here!

I've been a fan of Steve Irwin since I was very little, from the first episode to the last, I've seen every one. I used to watch his show all the time with my parents, and it never mattered to me if I had seen the episode already.

I was devistated when I learned of his death. It happened the day before I started my freshman year in high school, and my dad called me downstairs to our living area and told me the Crocodile Hunter was dead. I laughed at first because I couldn't believe it, and then I started to cry. I called my grandmother, who was also a big fan, and told her, and then my aunt. 

I'm very glad there's a community in Steve's honor here on LJ. I just read an article about how his son was bitten by a baby boa constrictor and is proud of the bite (like father, like son and daughter!) and I thought, "I need to find a Steve Irwin community on LJ."

Crikey, Steve, we sure do miss you.


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All I Really Need to Know... [20 Dec 2007|11:32am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I was going through a journal (my paper journal, not LJ) from about a year ago, looking for something else, and ran across this list I'd made. I meant to post it back then but never did, so here it is now. Who knows, there might be more (and better) of these floating around the Internet, but I thought I'd post mine here anyway. (With apologies to Robert Fulghum, of course...) :)

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Steve Irwin

When you see something you want, go after it!

Find the beauty in everything.

Cherish your family.

Treat every creature with respect.

Khaki goes with everything.

Play in the mud!

Always keep an open heart.

Do your part to make the world a better place.

Laugh at yourself.

Enjoy every moment.

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Happy Belated Birthday... [02 Dec 2007|06:24pm]

[ mood | Crikey... ] Bob Irwin, now aged 4! He and my dad have the same birthday (my dad just turned 71). I hope Bob's combination birthday/Christmas party at the Zoo was a smashing success; we all know Steve was proudly there in Spirit...

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steve irwin day [09 Nov 2007|03:56pm]

who's gonna wear khaki for steve irwin day on Nov. 15? If anyone does, post pictures! i would love to see people supporting our stevo.
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Steve & Me [09 Nov 2007|03:10pm]

Who has Terri's book?

I got it in the mail from today. :)

I have to admit I didn't get past the dedication without a tear or two.

I'm excited to read it.
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[08 Nov 2007|04:23pm]

According to a link my partner just sent me ( ), the Terri / Barbara Walters interview will be airing in the US tonight.
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[03 Nov 2007|10:41pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Just wondering, did anybody watch the 20/20 episode on Friday night? Barbara Walters was interviewing Terri Irwin about how her life has changed since Steve's death. Most of the questions were reasonable, but I found Barbara's question about the possibility of Terri dating/having another man in her life downright rude. Doubtlessly Terri is still deeply grieved by her husband's loss, and I'm sure that sort of question would be hurtful.
Does anybody else feel the same?

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I'm new [23 Sep 2007|10:44am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hi! I'm Katie. I love the Crocodile Hunter. Steve changed my life. I used to be really scared of snakes, but now I'm willing to pick them up. Steve will be a part of me forever.

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Icons & FO Banners [15 Sep 2007|06:24pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Here are the icons included in this message :

- 10 Animals
- 10 Irwin Family
- 20 Harry Potter related

Here are the FO banners included in this message :

- 3 Animal Themed

• Do not hotlink/steal/claim/alter anything.
• Comment. Credit
lepusia .
• Feel free to Friend me if you'd like.

Preview :

M O R E @ lepusia

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[04 Sep 2007|07:48pm]

Croc's Rule week! on Animal Planet

Tuesday: Secrets of the Crocodile 8 PM
                   Ocean's Deadliest 9 PM
Wednesday:  Crikey! What an Adventure 8 PM
                      My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter  9 PM

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A day, and more importantly a person, to remember.. [04 Sep 2007|06:02pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

I see that people here have already posted that it's the 1 year anniversary. It is unreal. Here's my contribution, a link to an article printed today.

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it's been a year [04 Sep 2007|01:28pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I still can't believe it, but it's been a year.

RIP Steve. My hero. Always loved and never forgotten. <3

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Can't believe that it's been a year. [04 Sep 2007|11:02am]

[ mood | sad ]

 Rest in Peace, Old Boy!

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Just joined! [03 Sep 2007|09:47pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Hey everyone!

Glad to see that there's a community remembering our favorite hero.

Steve taught me to love all creatures great and small....despite my fear of snakes....(I can enjoy them when they're behind glass and I'm not in the cage with them, thank you very much.....)...and taught me that life was short and you need to live life to the fullest.

Steve will live on FOREVER, no matter what.

Found this on Youtube and I thought I'd share....   (Get the's a tear-jerker)

REST IN PEACE, Mate.   We still love you.

*Blows nose as she watches video*

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[03 Sep 2007|02:02pm]

Steve Irwin Day planned for November 15th!!!
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[03 Sep 2007|01:37pm]

Terri Irwin has a book coming out at the end of October that you can pre-order on Amazon.

Steve and Me: Life with the Crocodile Hunter
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[02 Sep 2007|01:03pm]

TV Guide channel has a wonderful "Steve Irwin Remembered" tribute on right now.

And of course Discovery Channel is doing a one-week tribute.

A year later and I still get all weepy. :( And I still refer to him in the present. It is going to take several more years before I stop crying over his death.

I miss you Steve!
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[11 Aug 2007|10:37am]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hi, I just joined (a little behind maybe), almost a year since the tragic day, but if feels like it was just yesterday that I woke up and saw the news on tv.  It still hits me like it only happened yesterday.

Looking back I didn't see this video posted before, Bindi and Terri on Ellen.

Bindi talking about Steve: "I want to try and be him...I want him to be proud of me"   I just broke down.

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