jeanne (gryphonclaw) wrote in remember_steve,

steve irwin day

who's gonna wear khaki for steve irwin day on Nov. 15? If anyone does, post pictures! i would love to see people supporting our stevo.
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Unfortunately I am going to be presenting a speech that day so I will be unable to dress in khakis.
I will be wearing my Steve Irwin day shirt that I ordered from Australia Zoo. I work at an animal hospital, so I know everyone will appreciate it :)
neat, i work at an animal hospital too :) but of course no one there cares about him as much as me, so i'll be the only one to show the khaki love.
I don't actually own any khakis...and have no idea how to get my hands on them! :( I want to do SOMETHING on the 15th, though...
I don't have any khakis =/
I don't have any either. I don't even have a bracelet! I stink.